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New York – Central Park to Grand Central

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Here’s a small video that I shot in New York during a cloudy Autumn Saturday in 2016:



Jarrod’s Block ShortFilm – trailer

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Here’s something that I’ve been involved during the last few months:

jarrod's block

Jarrod´s Block” is the new short film by my friend Julen Santiago.


Menorca – Timelapse_01

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Menorca - Timelapse_01


Shot during the summers of 2012, 2013 and 2014, in Menorca, Spain.


Undelivered Package teaser

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New proof-of-concept teaser for the “Undelivered Package” project, by Julen Santiago. (more…)

“Undelivered Package” trailer

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Once again, I had the luck to help my friend Julen Santiago in another project:


Undelivered Package” is a trailer for a concept that we would like to see one day become a television series.

La Habitación Inclinada

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La Habitación Inclinada” began as a simple project, something that we could embrace with hopes of actually finishing it, after the effort to complete the ten seconds of “The Show Is Going On“.

We quickly became fond of the simple character design that we created inside the good-old SI|3D, during the small breaks at work, so we felt we could add more background to the basic story that we already had. And it slowly became a longer film, and it took much more time to finish than we had expected. But it also became one of my best animation experiences, in which we not only learned a lot about animation, but also about storytelling, camera work, editing and, most importantly, teamwork.

La Habitación Inclinada from pako Bagur on Vimeo.

PAL Quicktime Version HERE (720×576 113.2MB)

The shortfilm was premiered at the “Festival de Sitges“, and even though it didn’t go through all the shortfilm festival circuit, it was nominated for a “Goya” Award by the Spanish Academy of Cinema, but unfortunately we didn’t won. I found this clip in YouTube, from the night of the gala:

The Show Is Going On… the teaser

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The Internet is really amazing, and YouTube it’s even more amazing… Yesterday, while searching if there was any good quality version of “La Habitación Inclinada” already online, I found  this little piece that somebody uploaded to YouTube:

PAL Quicktime Version HERE (720×576 10.5MB)

This is the first animation that  was created by KOTOC3d. It was just a teaser of a longer short-film, some sort of video-clip with Freddie Mercury. We had an 4-minute animatic of pretty much all of it, Montserrat Caballe was supposed to be in it also, and it was set in one of the most famous markets in Barcelona: “El Mercat de la Boqueria“.  It was a huge project. But after a few moths of a lot of hard work during our free time, we only had those 10 seconds, and we realised that it would be impossible to finish the whole film. So we edited this little teaser and then abandoned the project in order to tackle something simpler and that could be finished in a reasonable amount of time; three years later we had “La Habitación Inclinada”.